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"Pistol" Allen laying down an authentic Beale Street shuffle.

That left hand Uriel Jones is holding in the air is about to deliver a deadly backbeat to the snare drum.

Jack Ashford displaying the finer points of his four mallet technique.

Old friends reunited: Jack Ashford, his tambourine, and the "Snakepit."

Jack Ashford playing cowbell at Baker's Keyboard Lounge.

Uriel Jones layin' it down.

A rare pose for Uriel Jones: in front of (instead of behind) the "Snakepit's" drum baffle.

Uriel Jones bustin' on "Pistol" Allen's habit of reading a racing form on his floor tom.

Tom Scott, Johnny Griffith, and Jack Ashford tearing it up at the Royal Oak Music Hall.

Johnny Griffith rehearsing "Shotgun" on a Hammond B-3 organ.

Meshell Ndegeocello and Johnny Griffith.

Returning to the scene of the crime forty years later: Joe Hunter, Eddie Wills, and Joe Messina in the "Snakepit" recording "You've Really Got A Hold On Me."

Joe Hunter cracking up after telling the story of the Phelps Lounge gun showdown as Johnny Griffith looks on.

Eddie Willis and his Gibson Firebird.

Joe Messina and Eddie Willis paying homage to their old buddy Robert White.

Joe Messina and his world renowned guitar backbeats in the spotlight at last.

Joe Messina and Joe Hunter sharing a quiet moment between takes.

Feeling like he never left, Joe Messina sits in front of the meters that controlled the volume levels of Hitsville's guitarists.

Joe Messina and Johnny Griffith in Hitsville U.S.A.'s lobby.

Bob Babbitt and Uriel Jones telling Benny Benjamin stories at the Roostertail.

Bob Babbitt telling Bob Babbitt stories at the Roostertail.

"The heaviest cat you ever did see". . . . Bootsy Collins doing the "cool Jerk." (He decided to dress conservative for this tune.)

Tom Scott pumping some serious air through his Baritone sax on "Heatwave."

1st Assistant Director Tony Adler conferring with Meshell Ndegeocello before a take.

Back-phrasing her butt off, Meshell Ndegeocello stretches the time on "Cloud Nine."

Bootsy Collins putting a new spin on the Contours' celebrated hit "Do You Love Me."

Joan Osborne and "Pistol" Allen about to perform an impromptu, silverware and teacup version of "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" in a Detroit diner.

Carrying on Marvin Gaye's anguished plea for world peace, Chaka Khan belts out "What's Going On."

Chaka must be thinking, "They don't make rhythm sections like this anymore." (Left to Right: Uriel Jones, Bob Babbitt, "Pistol" Allen and Chaka Khan).

Director Paul Justman on the stage of the Royal Oak Music Theater giving instructions to the film crew.

Lon Stratton lining up a shot.

An impassioned Ben Harper performing "Ain't Too Proud To Beg."

Paul Justman and Eddie Willis talking over the last take.

Paul Justman explaining to Chaka Khan how he plans to shoot her performance of "What's Going On."

Directors of photography Doug Milsome and Lon Stratton getting ready for the next take.

Joe Hunter, Uriel Jones, and "Pistol" Allen at Detroit's "Club Bomax" with their favorite exotic dancer, Lottie "The Body".

The marquee of the Royal Oak Music Hall with a message the Funk Brothers waited four decades to see.

Actor Brian Marable portraying the young James Jamerson drinking with the caskets in a funeral home near Hitsville.

Joan Osborne tearing it up on "Heat Wave."

The Funk Brothers blowin' through some jazz changes at Baker's Keyboard Lounge.

Allan "Dr. Licks" Slutsky making some last minute arrangement changes as Rudy Robinson and Eddie Willis look on.

Ben Harper lamenting what he heard through the grapevine.

Gerald Levert posing the musical question, "What time Is It" during his performance of "Shotgun." (The Answer: "Twine Time")

That's a whole lot of Funk down there, a shot of the stage from the catwalk.